This project is a collaboration between co-invention platform ideaphore and patent agent firm Hard-IP. You can read all about us on these sites. The idea for Trollala was chosen by ideaphore for production. Both ideaphore and Hard-IP are committed to empowering others to fight patent trolls (who are a drain on technological innovation) with technological innovation itself - namely collaboration tools.
Besides, if we were trolls, would we be hiding under this bridge? Wait...
Trolls might very well try this. We will carefully screen each person who signs up to make sure this doesn't happen. They'll have to sign an NDA and have it notarized. If trolls do infiltrate, they can make things difficult, but they can't completely destroy the utility of the site. Our tools would still make small businesses more powerful than they were alone. We don't think that trolls will stoop to bad faith actions to gain access. Among other things, this could harm their chances in court if they are caught.
We will build private encrypted collaboration and fundraising tools and we will use the best current standard security technologies. But we cannot guarantee that no hacker will ever steal your data or that a troll will not get your data some other way, like buying it from a validated participant or successfully subpoenaing it in Court in a future lawsuit. If you or your attorney believe that this is a risk that you cannot take, please do not use this site.
Note that we do not offer any legal advice on this site. Only your own attorney can tell you what to discuss and when. Joint Defense Agreements and sharing of fees in patent cases are common. It is very important to have solid Non-Disclosure Agreements and Joint Defense Agreements signed by all participants as well as the advice of an attorney before discussing sensitive subjects. A warning banner will be displayed in private collaboration rooms until these measures are in place. Until then, the focus should be on finding a lawyer, posting prior art, and/or raising funds.
Though some of the founding members of Trollala are attorneys, we are not your attorneys and we are not trying to give you any legal advice on this site in any way (unless stated otherwise clearly and in writing). We will build a portal to help people manage a joint defense group, which are quite common. But you should consult your own attorney to determine the best course of action for you.
If you define patent troll as an entity that sends out letters demanding licensing payments for junk patents (or far beyond the patents' actual value or contribution to the prior art) to extract settlements leveraging the unbelievable high cost of even a meritorious defense, then yes. But patent assertion entities in general are an important part of intellectual property. Individual inventors can't always afford to manufacture and market a product. Inventors benefit when they can sell the property rights that they earned, which encourages more inventions. It's a balance. That is why we believe that we can use technology to even the playing field and to make the bad kind of patent assertion ("trolling"), more difficult.