Get matched with others who received similar patent infringement demand letters.

Patent Trolls = Bad

Patents trolls (patent assertion entities) get a lot of leverage by targeting small businesses. Individual small businesses fear the costs of challenging a patent, even a junk patent. Patent trolls can extract large settlements based on this fear using demand letters alone. But trolls usually send out many demand letters at once - you are not alone.

Combine and Conquer

Confidentially submit a copy of the patent infringement demand letter to us here. We'll match you with other businesses and individuals who received the same or a similar letter so you can work together.

Collaboration Tools

Work with other business or with entire trade groups who are working on responses to similar demand letters. Plan a joint strategy, find and retain attorneys, patent agents, and experts to work on your united attack, and create a joint defense group.

Crowdfund the Fight

Defeating a junk patent that is being vigorously asserted helps every affected business. Spreading the potential costs and work involved makes the fight possible. Enter into a joint defense group to pool your funds and your efforts against a troll. Raise funds to do a prior art search, file an inter-partes review, or defend each other in court.